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What new technologies can I find at an online casino?

If you haven’t gone to a movie theatre recently, you’d probably get surprised by the technology that has become a part of the experience. The first thing you may notice is stadium seating, with comfortable seats that sometimes allow you to raise the armrest and feel more like you’re lounging on a couch. But once the show starts, the sounds on the right side of the screen will seem to emanate only from the right-side speakers. And when a moment of tension is resolved with a loud explosion or other sounds, your chair might vibrate or rumble to add to the effect. All of these technologies have greatly enhanced movie experiences, leading to more enjoyment and higher return rates.

Wouldn’t it be great if casinos catered to players in the same way, adding great technology to help enhance the user experience? The great news is — they do! You can visit instant play casinos that are pulling out all the stops to engage you and give you the best gaming experience you’ve ever had, hoping you’ll return to play over and over again!

What are some of these new technologies you can experience in online casinos?

Visual enhancement

In the past, table games, such as poker and roulette, had a very stark appearance online — it was all about utility, just ensuring that players could easily see their cards, the table, and other important information. But with the advent of 3D animation and other visual technologies, table gaming, in particular, has taken on a more movie-like approach, drawing players into storylines and enhancing the gaming experience more than ever before. By adding the bright lights and colours you’ve come to associate with casinos, along with sound effects such as a cheering crowd watching an exciting craps game or the enticing dings and beeps of the slots, casino owners get closer every day to replicate the in-person experience.

Virtual Reality (VR)

You’ve probably seen virtual reality headsets being worn by video game players, but did you know that the same technology is available for online gamblers? Gaming houses are continually adding new games that take advantage of virtual reality technology, allowing you to feel like you’re actually sitting in the casino. VR is a transportive technology that can greatly mimic the in-person experience. You’ll have to invest in your own equipment to take advantage of VR offerings, but if you’re ready to really immerse yourself in the experience, you might end up enjoying it even more than being at a casino in person!

Mobile access

It used to be that while many sites were accessible from a computer, the version of the site you’d see if accessed from your smartphone was subpar — lower-intensity graphics or lack of functionality would make the experience cumbersome. Today, the experience is entirely different. With equal or better graphics and performance, you get the added advantage of being able to access online gaming from nearly anywhere in the world.

Wearable technology

As if accessing your favourite games using your phone wasn’t easy enough, some online gaming environments can now tie into your smartwatch or another wearable gadget. You’re able to place bets, watch the gaming action, and cash out your winnings, all from your wrist!

Payment security

One of the most critical technologies is one that isn’t flashy or eye-catching: the secure delivery of your payment and personal information. Online fraud is a pervasive problem, and while casinos are not completely immune to the problem, they have advanced their technology in this area significantly, giving you the greatest security with your money and data as possible. One of the key ways online casinos do this is by using blockchain technology, which serves a few unique purposes. By making financial transactions anonymous to any hackers, it removes the chances of data theft. Another advantage is that winnings and payments can be automated by other means, no longer requiring human intervention to validate winnings before payment.

Live dealer games

At a live dealer online casino, most of your favourite parts of your in-person experience can be replicated using technology. A live person (via video feed) is actually shuffling and dealing cards, or spinning a wheel. You’re also joined (virtually) by other players, giving you the chance to socialize at your table using chat tools. By adding these immersive elements, you can feel like you’re really sitting at the table with a dealer and players right next to you.

The online casino experience is becoming more immersive, making it closer to a land-based casino in terms of user experience. With the growth in new technologies and casino operators getting eager to make your online gaming session the best it can be, your time with instant play casino games will be more enjoyable than ever.

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